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Jersey Dairy Website Development

A mobile-responsive website that blends business with fun!

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our brief

Jersey Dairy is one of the largest dairies in Europe and a business at the heart of Jersey's island life. They came to us to revamp their website with the aim of becoming more appealing to their varied audiences: locals and international trade buyers. To better target local consumers, Jersey Dairy wanted to increase the feeling of patriotism surrounding their brand. Due to their recent export business success, Jersey Dairy also needed to focus on their international trade buyers, improving content surrounding their services and contact details.

 Jersey Dairy also wanted to encourage users to revisit the site, introducing a fun area for kids and integrating online with offline marketing with initiatives such as school competitions.

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our approach

We always take a data-driven approach to any project, and Jersey Dairy was no exception.

We began the project with a comprehensive website audit, understanding how the audience used their existing website and mapping out various user journeys. We also researched their competitors and looked at other dairies' digital activity to better appreciate the market.

design and UX

We designed a mobile-responsive site with a strong focus on user experience design and usability, giving the site a fun countryside theme. We had to make sure that the site worked for local consumers and international trade buyers, striking a balance between being fun yet professional.

To increase the social aspect of the site, we introduced social integration for shareable content, encouraging users to share the content they liked on their personal networking accounts.

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silverstripe CMS

Jersey Dairy needed an easy way to upload and manage their website due to the new focus on content. We came up with a bespoke content management system built on the open source platform SilverStripe, reducing manual inputting time.

One of the most interactive aspects of the website allows users to upload their own Jersey Dairy product recipes to the site; the content management system allows the Jersey Dairy team to quickly and easily publish these recipes.


  • Friendly design that keeps premium brand but is still fun for kids
  • 33% increase of mobile traffic
  • Increased social engagement

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