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Many of our clients ask us "why is content marketing so important?" At Quadra, we understand that as the digital age grows, traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective. Customers are now able to skip TV ads, ignore magazine ads, and have become adept at ignoring online banners and buttons. The fatal flaw of traditional marketing is that it interrupts customers, not giving them information that they want when they want it, and so only holding attention for a short period of time. As marketers begin to move away from this traditional form of marketing they are looking for other ways to develop their marketing strategy.

Marketers are turning to content marketing to create valuable, effective content to incorporate into their digital marketing strategy. You can use content marketing to boost brand awareness, increase engagement and increase site traffic. Have a look at the graph below from Econsultancy to see what marketers are using content marketing for. They were asked, “What are the three most important business objectives for your content marketing activity? (In-house marketers).”

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Content is not there to directly sell a product and it's important not to be promotional, which will only put off customers who will then leave the site and go somewhere else. Customers want to be informed, so the content needs to be relevant. Customers are actively looking for information related to their query, so are purposely looking for appropriate content that's going to be worthwhile. Delivering consistent, useful content will make customers want to keep coming back, thus providing business and loyalty. Good content is going to decide if the customer converts, returns or recommends the site to others. When content is unrelated to what customers are searching for or is not valuable, effectively it just becomes spam.

Good quality content is not just beneficial for customers, but it is also important for getting your website ranked on search engines. Below are four important aspects where content marketing can influence:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Google and other search engines will reward sites that publish unique, quality content. When writing content, marketers are able to subtly add in their target keywords, which are going to help the site rank higher. By producing content that people are searching for, your website will have more visibility on Google and you will increase traffic to your website. 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – For PPC to work, excellent content is also highly important. As you’re paying per click for people to click on your link, you don’t want them to land on a page unrelated the ad. They will leave, your bounce rate will increase and Google will, in turn, decrease the number of ads for your website.  That would effectively be wasted money. Content marketing is important for PPC because once you’ve got a customer to click the link, you want them to stay on the site and hopefully turn them into a conversion. So when using PPC, content marketing is vitally important. Of course, PPC can also help with what content to write. You are able to analyse the data from PPC to see what keywords and phrases are the most popular, which location is the most interested in the product and other related analytics. You are then able to target the content more effectively with the data received, allowing you to create content that is of even more value to your customers.
  • Blogs – Blogs are an important asset when creating valuable content and turning customers into conversions. Posting regular blog posts on useful content related to the website is going to help build customer confidence, as this shows that you know what you’re talking about and are a leader in the industry. Customers looking for blog posts may then go onto the site and become a loyal customer. Regular posts will also help to increase visibility in search engines.
  • Landing pages – One of the most important aspects of content marketing is getting the landing page right. The landing page is the first page the customer will see when coming to the site. Excellent content marketing is so important on this page as this is when the customer is going to decide if they want to stay on the site or go somewhere else. A user typically will spend between 3 -5 seconds on a webpage before they decide to leave or stay. As a marketer, it’s vitally important to have good content on this page to attract and retain potential customers, as without this, they’ll soon leave and give their business to a competitor.

However, content marketing doesn’t just need to be text. Often, videos, images, infographics and even podcasts are used. Anything that delivers reliable, high quality and relevant content to customers is going to be effective. Providing a ‘Call to Action’ is also very popular, giving customers the chance to actually do something with the content, usually to go and buy the product or go somewhere else on the site. By doing all of this, you are able to build your business and brand as a credible resource for customers, giving them highly engaging content that answers their questions and raises discussions. It’s not just about selling the product. Showing that you are trustworthy and dependable in your industry shows customers that you know what you’re talking about, giving them more confidence when it comes to dealing with the business.

Content marketing is not just the future, it’s now. Those that continue to spam and give generic, unengaging content to customers will soon find that they’re losing customers to brands that consistently deliver exciting, relevant content that engages customers and builds brand awareness. The importance of content marketing is clear to see, and those choosing to ignore this will soon find themselves falling behind. 

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