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New Google AdWords Interface

It’s a really exciting time for digital advertisers. The already long list of impressive marketing and measurement products is getting longer. Not only are there a bunch of brand new products in the Google stable, but they are revamping one of their oldest and most valuable tools with the new Google Adwords Experience. The Good news is that Google is clearly investing their time and money into improving this great product. We expect to see more alternative ad targeting options in the future, helping advertisers reach users in ever more creative ways.

At Quadra we’ve been using the new Adwords interface for a month or so. A client based in New York received the beta upgrade quite early and we love it! Last week we received a notification that the interface had been rolled out to all of our Adwords clients.

The New Google Adwords Interface


AdWords Interface Screenshot

The New Google AdWords interface


If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Google News or caught the Marketing Next Conference earlier in the year, this won’t be a surprise to you. The Google Adwords interface we know has been in place for around 15 years, so well due an upgrade! The Google Marketing Next conference showcases the very best of their new marketing products. Watch the full conference video here.

If this is all a complete surprise to you then don't worry, it’s really not that different. In fact, in testing, advertisers save on average 30% more time. Before you know it, it's second nature and personally, it’s growing on me and my usage has become more intuitive over a short time.

It's time to look at some of the new features that could improve the performance of your adverts and enhance users' ad experiences.


New ad extensions in the new Google Adwords Interface

The promotion extension is new and so far it's only available in the beta of the new Adwords experience. The extension allows for total or percentage discounts to be set and displayed underneath an ad. This allows advertisers to gain more of that prime real estate in top page positions, helping to communicate brand proposition and promotions to customers.


Google Adwords Promotion Extension

Google Adwords Promotion Extension


Extensions now come in many different formats that respond to increasing consumer needs and expectations. These extensions can improve click-through rates and also help to boost conversion rates. Another great example is the Structured Snippet extension.


Household Income Demographics & Bid Modifiers

Using household income demographics to segment advertising campaigns is not a new feature, but it's one that has been brought to users' attentions more prominently by its placement in the new Adwords experience. Whats' really nice is the way you can create custom combinations of demographic data and segment your numbers more easily than ever. With a bit of digging, this feature can also be found in the old version of Adwords. Although the demographic data is not available to many customers just yet, you can expect this addition to appear across the board soon.


Demographic Data

Demographic Data


Please note that at time of writing the demographic data we wanted to show wasn’t available in our country (Having read the documentation it is clear that household income data is only available in the USA at the moment). We’ve reached out to Google for more information and hope that this will be a useful insight, helping us make more informed decisions in the future.


How does Google know my household income?!

All demographic data is generally gathered in a few ways. Some information is gathered from users who are logged in to their Google accounts and have agreed to have a personalised ad experience. In addition, activity across other Google properties and some partner websites help Google to infer demographic data. If, for example, you have a Gmail account and continually receive email confirmations for luxury goods online, you might be classified as 'high income'!

If you fancy reading the in-depth demographic documentation, you can click here.


What other Google tools are out there?


Google Optimize

Google Optimize icon

Although not strictly new, the Google Optimize product is designed to create better user experiences by putting your customer insights to work through A/B and multivariate testing.

At Quadra we are in the process of planning various Optimize experiments, both for ourselves and for clients. We want to really understand why people take particular actions and make specific decisions when journeying through our website and out clients' websites.


Google Attribution

Google Attribution icon

If you didn’t catch Google's Marketing Next conference earlier this year then you may not have heard about Google Attribution. This tool will also be shortly integrated with the new Adwords interface. The rollout date for this is still not confirmed but all signs and online sources are indicating to this happening some point before the end of the year.

Google Attribution aims to measure and optimise marketing spend across all channels - including offline! We look forward to finding out how effective this tool is at providing insights into one of the marketing world's hottest topics.


Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio icon

Although still in Beta, Google Data Studio has been a big step forward for clients who don't necessarily have the time to sit and read long monthly reports. Time is money and getting the snippets of information that you need to understand the performance of your website or your digital marketing campaign should be quick and efficient. Google Data Studio allows us to pull key pieces of data from across Google's toolset and provide succinct performance summaries to clients. No more printing long reports, either - we share a link and clients can access their reports on their desktop or mobile wherever they are!


Data Studio Screenshot

Google Data Studio plugs into a vareity of big data sources


With more features and integrations to come, you will see that this great tool brings a whole new dimension to visualising your data and making quick, important decisions.


If you’d like to chat about any of the new products and features available to you today, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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