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Another year has gone by and, following on from London in 2015, StripeCon Europe descended on Ljubljana, Slovenia between 13th and 15th October 2016. For quite a few of us attending the conference, this was our first time in Slovenia. Having been in Europe for just over five years, there are many places that I'd like to visit and I'm glad to say I can now tick Slovenia off the list!

This year's StripeCon was hosted by Innovatiff, a digital agency based in Ljubljana - they did an excellent job as hosts of StripeCon 2016. Not only was the conference held in a Castle (I know, pretty badass), there were also awesome parties and lovely city tours, all made possible by Innovatiff's efforts and by the support of this year's sponsors (many of which I'd encourage you to check out). Ljubljana is a beautiful city and I'd definitely recommend you make it one of your holiday destinations if you haven't already done so.

Moving on from the parties to the coding…

After the opening registration process and some chatting between the attendees, Sam Minnée, Silverstripe's CEO, started the series of talks with the current state of Silverstripe 4, the next major release of the framework currently under development.

Silverstripe 4 is packed with new features and I'm really excited about it. Joe wrote about this in his post from last year's StripeCon (when SS4 was first announced) and you can also read more about it on Silverstripe's blog. Some of my favourite features include the campaign interface, which will allow for batch publishing of pages and assets for a given event/campaign, and the use of React JS within the CMS as well as in some of the front-end elements. React is more of a technical feature, but to have it closely integrating with Silverstripe will make our development much faster and more flexible.

Silverstripe e-commerce solutions were another major conference focus point. Based on our discussions from last year's conference and the amazing work done by the community, SilverShop has come a long way. We also listened to talks about at least two other independent implementations of e-commerce using Silverstripe: Silvercart and Shopic, all which have their USPs and are equally capable of delivering a good e-commerce experience.

The great thing about StripeCon, and other conferences as well, is the amount of knowledge and skills that are shared amongst the attendees. We have all encountered weird bugs in the past and it is a great experience being able to learn how others approach issues and develop tricks for more efficient coding. Sam Minnée is always very happy to talk to anyone and everyone, answering questions about the framework or sharing his views on how we use Silverstripe. It's very reassuring to know that Silverstripe's core team and their CEO are so close to the community.

Sadly, after two days of beautiful landscapes and great talks, the conference came to an end. Feeling inspired and ready to get back home and start using all that we have learned, the other attendees and I shared a few of our plans and are all looking forward to next year's conference!

StripeCon really shows how great Silverstripe is, as both a framework and CMS, and as a community. If you'd like to know more about Silverstripe and how we have used this framework to create powerful, user-friendly websites, check out some of our work or our web development blog posts.

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