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The age of live streaming is upon us and here at Quadra HQ we’re ready, armed with Twitter’s new app, Periscope.

Firstly, let’s go over how the app works. When you download Periscope, your only option (unsurprisingly) is to sign in with Twitter, this allows you to tweet when you’re live streaming. The interface is slick, simple and easy to navigate using tabs, it didn’t take long before we were watching someone munch on a sandwich during their lunch break.

Your home feed is a long list of top broadcasts currently live and underneath that you’ll find recently recorded ones. When you follow someone, you’ll receive a push notification if they’re broadcasting live. If watching someone isn’t enough, you can chat to them by posting comments on the stream, of course, they can block you so keep it PG people!

You can also send a flutter of hearts to the person streaming by tapping the screen - adorable, right? Unlike Meerkat and Snapchat, the streams are stored and can be replayed at any time, the comments and hearts will replay too.

If you fancy sharing your day-to-day happenings with Periscope users the process is pretty simple. Enable the app to use your camera and microphone (you won’t get far without completing this step) before captioning your stream and clicking “start broadcast.”

You can also chose to share your location, restrict chat to just your followers and post the live stream to Twitter. Interestingly, you can also select ‘Private Broadcast’ and choose followers to share your stream with. 

Periscope is a fun, highly addictive app and we’re already OBSESSED. So, where could it go wrong?

Well, the app has already had a run-in with HBO after Game of Thrones was broadcast illegally, the app was hit with takedown notices soon after and piracy has been raised as a major issue with Periscope. We may be underestimating the need for Game of Thrones fans to watch the show, but shaky, blurry footage on a small screen doesn’t sound so appealing to us.

However, catching a glimpse of the atmosphere during the much anticipated Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match proved slightly more appealing. Networks HBO and Showtime both served takedown notices to the app but it was all a little too late considering many had seen the footage live already.  

Periscope confirms that digital interaction is here to stay and set to expand to even creepier lengths. Some of you may be recoiling in horror at the over-sharing happening across the globe; while others revel in watching people go about their daily activities (we’re included in the latter.)

In no time the celebrities who have bravely shared their Snapchat accounts with fans will be jumping on the Periscope bandwagon, eager to flood your feeds with their live streams.

There’s no word yet on how Periscope will approach advertising, rumours suggest that Snapchat are currently charging $750,000 per day to major firms for one-day content so the need is definitely there. It’s exciting times for real-time marketing, so watch this space!

We offer a range of Digital Marketing services, contact us to see how our team can help you and and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Periscope at @Quadra_Digital. 


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