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DISCLAIMER: This blog post may shock and/or cause euphoria.

The time has come, Microsoft has officially announced they are pulling the plug on IE 10 and below’s life support as of January 12th 2016. I won’t say I’m happy to see IE go… Who am I kidding? Goodbye IE!

Of course, the end of IE support has come as a shock to some who may find it difficult to upgrade their browser to regain support, specifically large organisations that still have Windows XP on their system, meaning they're unable to use anything above IE 8. The upgrade to a modern operating system has been avoided for a long time due to costs and complications, but will the end of their browser support be enough to finally push them to change? I hope so!

Speaking on behalf of myself, my team, and (I'm going to take a wild guess here) every developer in the world, the end of IE is a blessing rather than a curse. For so long IE has required developers to implement quick fixes, hacks and questionable code in order to support it.

Will we continue supporting it? Well, if Frankenstein refuses to accept responsibility for his monster, why should we, right? Well actually, we're going to go against our better judgement and offer support until everyone is up-to-date with newer browsers. 

If you, yes YOU are reading this and breaking out into a cold, anxious sweat while using IE 10 or below, fear not, there is a solution!

If you are Microsoft bound, IE11 is available to everyone on Windows 7 and above. If you are using Windows 8, you will not have access to IE11, however, you do have access to Windows 8.1 which will allow you to use IE 11. Finally, for all of you evolving with the Microsoft timeline (well done), Microsoft Edge is available with your (currently) free install of Windows 10 from Windows 8! Download IE here.

There are of course other options, some might even go far as to say… better options. Google Chrome is a personal favourite and I would recommend that everybody use it. For everybody on Windows 7 and above, Mac users (above OS X 10.5) and Linux users, Chrome is your friend and continues to support you. Download Chrome.  

Unfortunately for Windows XP users, Chrome is going to stop supporting you. However, Firefox is a great browser that IS available for WinXP users on Service Pack 2 and 3. For everybody else, once again, (other than Mac OS X 10.5 and below) Firefox is working and supporting you. Download Firefox

As a digital marketing agency, we are not only inclined to move with the times and eventually stop supporting IE, but we will also push everyone else forward too so they can mutually benefit from the wonders of the web. Of course, we aren’t going to stop support for our clients and if you're an agency, neither should you! We aren’t in the business of leaving people in the past, we are here to bring everyone to the future with us.

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