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LinkedIn is a powerful business-networking tool, home of the world’s leading professionals. 


Why should you adopt in a LinkedIn marketing strategy?

Whilst Facebook and Instragram dominate in social media advertising with proven track record that it works, these channels may be suitable for B2C but not for B2B.  B2B clients for financial and legal service providers with procurement objectives can generate good quality leads with LinkedIn whilst B2C clients drive quality traffic and conversions. LinkedIn can assist in raising awareness, lead generation and nurturing online relationships. 


What can you do?

1. Optimise your profile to maximise your ability and drive high-quality traffic and conversions

    • After-all, it's about individual's networking so senior management and company profiles should follow your social media strategy.

2. Communicate directly with the person you need to reach with LinkedIn InMail campaigns

    • People are more likely to respond to a person than a company. It's more personalised.

3. LinkedIn PPC advertising

    • Extend the reach and only target decision makers within a certain industry, This is a cost-effective way to ensure quality leads

4. Measure your campaigns using a combination of LinkedIn Analytics and Google Analytics

Knowing if your LinkedIn Campaign has been successful or not allows your to learn, change and try again


Quadra offer successful social marketing strategies from our headquarters in Jersey, the Channel Islands. If you would like to have a chat with us about a social strategy, please contact us


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