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With such an abundance of different search engine optimisation software and tools out there, it is extremely difficult to know which SEO software is best suited to your needs. E- scape has trialled a number of different SEO software over the years, but none has come close to the power of the Linkdex SEO tool, in this SEO Software review we explain why.  

About Linkdex SEO software

Linkdex is a relatively new SEO software tool, launching on the 25th of January 2011. Within a matter of months, Linkdex had received the Econsultancy 2011 Innovation Award for Innovation in SEO / Natural Search, favoured for its much-needed analytical approach to search engine optimisation

A team of seasoned search engine marketers and developers who had worked within large global search agencies, running local, national and international search campaigns and managing in-house search teams got together to create Linkdex.

Linkdex SEO features

Linkdex SEO software provides inbound marketers with intuitive and time efficient features. The tool continues to evolve almost on a weekly basis with regular feature updates. Below are a number of recent features:

SEO Project Management Tools

At its core, Linkdex provides search engine marketing teams with a powerful base platform with which to manage, prioritise and allocate SEO tasks. This enhances SEO project efficiency and provides SEO managers with a transparent overview of the status of outstanding SEO tasks at any given moment in time. In simple terms, Linkdex ensure SEO campaigns are delivered on time and to budget.

linkdex software seo project management example2

Keyword research in Linkdex

Linkdex integrates seamlessly with web analytics software Google Analytics and Google AdWords to provide an integrated summary of paid search and organic search. The keyword research tool works with theAdWords API to provide ʻsuggested keywordsʼ with competition and estimated Google monthly search volumes. This tool is ideal for highlighting fresh content opportunities and niche keywords for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Linkdex 4

Linkdex competitor benchmarking and intelligence

Competitor benchmarking in Linkdex is extremely powerful. Linkdex SEO software provides competitor benchmarking across three areas:

1) SEO Rank tracking

Rank tracking is a competitive rank tracking tool that benchmarks:

  • Your website Keyword rank position
  • Competitor Keyword rank position
  • Change in position (daily or weekly)
  • Type of result
  • Page Ranked
  • Visits (organic through Google Analytics)
  • Estimated Google Searches
  • Date of Check

Rank tracking is also a vital tool for pinpointing sudden ranking fluctuations – drops in positions may occur as a result of search engine algorithmic updates such as Google Panda, or as a result of increased competitor activity i.e. link building or content development.

Linkdex 5

Content (Beta)

Content development is an integral part of search engine optimisation and digital strategy. Linkdex can determine how many pages have been indexed within Googleʼs database. Tracking these over time is useful to understand how a site evolves its content from a top level view. Understanding how many of these indexed pages rank, helps determine how valuable that content is on the site.


Linkdex link benchmarking integrates with its link building tools to provide chart-based benchmarking reports that explore and illustrate changes in: anchor text frequency, total links, total linking domains and links by site type. Understanding your competitor's inbound marketing tactics is crucial for successful, data-driven SEO decisions.

Linxdex site and on-page optimisation

Linkdex has world-class site optimisation features specifically designed to maximise the rankings, traffic and value of your content. Linkdex achieves this through a combination of advanced technical reporting (i.e. quickly highlights duplicated content, content accessibility, server errors and redirect/canonical URL issues), internal link and anchor analysis, and keyword relevance/consistency across page content and meta data.

Linkdex link building and backlink analysis

The Linkdex link building feature set includes:

  • Competitor backlink reporting
  • Identifying link building prospects
  • Type of site linking to you
  • Market keyword relevance of backlink
  • Authority/influence of backlink
  • Number of linking pages per domain
  • 'Nofollow' and 'New' links

Through understanding how your website is currently linked to and how your competitor's websites are linked to provides SEOʼs with not only an insight into your competitor's inbound marketing tactics, but also, it helps you to identify relevant and high-quality backlink prospects.


Linkdex has become a hub for all of our SEO clients search engine activity; it answers all the who, why, what and even how questions that come with building an authoritative profile within the search engines. With an extensive feature set of on and off-site search engine optimisation tools, Linkdex is the most comprehensive platform that we have come across.

Linkdex 5

Find out more about how Linkdex works or take a ʻFree 30-day Trial of Linkdexʼ to explore how the platform works in greater depth or contact us at for more information. 



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