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quadra blog e scape achieves first for channel islands with google adwords certification

Some of you might know that way back in 2011, Quadra became the first agency in the Channel Islands to achieve Google Partners status by completing a series of exams set by Google. In March 2016, I helped Quadra complete another first by becoming the first person in Jersey to have qualifications in all five Google Advertising platforms (namely Google Adwords for Search, Google Display Network, Youtube, Google Shopping and Google Mobile Ads), plus a qualification covering the fundamental best practises of Google Advertising.  

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Passing these exams confirms that Quadra have the knowledge and technical ability to help your company to advertise on Google, giving clients the reassurance that we have been assessed by Google themselves and have been recognised as one of the leading agencies in the Channel Islands. We regularly speak directly with Google to ensure that our accounts are constantly in the most optimised state possible, so we can make sure your ad budget is being put to the best possible use. 

To celebrate Quadra becoming the most qualified Google Partners in Jersey, we've put together a summary of the ad platforms and how they can help your digital strategy: 

 Google Adwords for Search 

Google Search campaigns are what most of us think of when we talk about advertising on Google. You know users that are likely to be interested in your product or content will search for certain keywords, Google offer the option to pay to appear in search results for specific searches. A properly optimised Google Adwords campaign can bring large volumes of traffic to your site however, as the quality of your site affects the price it's important to have your campaign built by someone who understands how to build an Adwords campaign correctly.  

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This could be your business! 

Google Adwords is an excellent place to start for most PPC campaigns, as it targets Google's largest audience - users of Google search. It can be easy to burn through your budget by attempting to target terms that are too vague or don't match up with the content on your site however, once you understand how to build a keyword list for your campaign, Search campaigns can be a highly effective way of making sure users see your content. A Search campaign is also a good way to gain instant rankings for keywords that you are looking to rank for in organic (unpaid) search. Keep in mind that relying on paid traffic as an alternative to organic traffic is likely to get expensive very quickly! 

 Google Display Network 

Often abbreviated to GDN or Display, the Google Display network is a massive network of sites that show adverts to their users. Google pay a small commission to the owners of the site every time an ad is shown to a visitor, and advertisers pay Google for placement on these sites. As with Adwords, the hardest part of creating a Display campaign is understanding how to target audiences within GDN. Your target audience can be based on many things, such as the topic of the site you're advertising on, whether they have visited a page on your site or whether they're using a mobile device to browse. 

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See that Asana ad? That’s targeted! 

Google Display Network is useful for more visual businesses such as tourism and hospitality, but it is also a fantastic tool for promoting your Brand - especially if you're starting out and you want to make sure your new brand is seen as often as possible! As Google Display Network targets all possible placements by default, unless you take the time to specify where you want your ads to be shown you may end up receiving irrelevant views (leading to an increased cost). 

Video Advertising 

Video advertising campaigns are handled through Youtube, using a format called TrueViewTrueview ads are usually shown either as in-stream ads (a video ad that is shown in Youtube player before the user is shown the video that they wanted to watch) or as an in-display ad which shows a static image or piece of text, similar to a Search or Display ad.  

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Because I’m a massive geek, these ads are relevant to me. 

Using Youtube for video advertising is a great way to connect with younger users, with more users between the age of 18 and 32 turning to Youtube to watch the video content they want. The downside is that in-stream ads typically cost more to create than other ad types. If you have quality video content then there's no reason not to consider creating a video campaign - Check out our infographic to find out how Youtube Video advertising can benefit you!  

 Shopping Advertising 

Google Shopping ads appear on the right hand side of search results, and tend to be used for ecommerce sites selling a particular product. As these ads are usually shown for searches where user intent is clear (such as "Buy Samsung TVs in Jersey"), these ads tend to have a high conversion rate once the user has clicked through from the ad. 

Google Shopping ads allow ecommerce stores to take search queries one step further by breaking down conversion barriers by showing product images, prices and ratings directly in search, reducing the number of users that arrive on your page, find that the quality or the cost of the item does not match expectations, and then leave without purchasing anything. Shopping ads tend to have a lower impression level (as they only appear for commercial terms), however they tend to convert well and can be a valuable edge over competitor sites (as many ecommerce retailers still neglect Google Shopping as a source of traffic). 

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Mobile Advertising 

Although Mobile ads are technically part of Adwords Search campaigns, the way that these users act is sufficiently different enough to warrant an entire exam for optimising campaigns to target them! With the number of users searching on mobile devices steadily increasing, getting the mobile section of an ad campaigns wrong can cause the entire campaign to fail. Landing pages that take too long to load, expecting users to complete long or fiddly forms and non-responsive sites are all excellent ways to make sure that mobile users leave your site and never return. Mobile campaigns differ from Search campaigns as use of ad extensions (such as a custom Call To Action, direct dial telephone content and review data) are much more effective for users on mobile, and so quick conversion paths are essential. 


 It’s steak, it’s close by, it must be good! 

 Before creating a mobile campaign, think about the journey that you are expecting users to take. If it's longer or more complicated than it needs to be, cut the journey down and think about what barriers a mobile user might face. My personal tip is to test your conversion journey using mobile data.  If possible somewhere with a poor/slow data connection, as this represents the worst possible user experience. If your campaign requires a large amount of data, consider adding a "contact me" option for Mobile users to send themselves the form to complete later. Mobile campaigns themselves are useful for generating user contacts and local searches (such as "Steak Houses near me"), so if you own a local business with a physical storefront, mobile ads are essential. 

The different Google Ad formats are like different tools in a toolbox, different formats are useful for different tasks, and here at Quadra, we're experts in picking the right tool for the job. If you're planning to start advertising on Google, it really pays to have an experienced, qualified team on hand to make sure that your advertising budget isn't being wasted.  

 We're always happy to help, so give Quadra a call and get your campaign off to the best possible start!


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