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As a Brazilian born, living abroad I try to keep up with the news from back home. We all have our ways of keeping up with the news, and I find that social media is the most effective for me. Recently there has been a little bit of a buzz around some Brazilian internet service providers changing their tariffs to a limited data usage approach.

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna explore the political side of it or the details on whether or not this is a valid change from the ISP’s as there are too many variables at stake and this is not meant to be a politics post.

One way people found to retaliate against the ISP’s that were promising to limit their data was to move away from them, by signing up with an ISP that offers unlimited plan. With that in mind, a group of developers got together on Github and created Internet Sem Limites, a crowdsourced list of Brazilian internet service providers that have publicly stated that they won’t be taking part in this recent changes in broadband offers.

The list started as a readme file in a repository but due to general interest quickly grew into an API that would automatically populate the readme file with people suggestions once they’ve been reviewed. They also added a Hall of shame which would show providers which have publicly stated they would be changing their tariffs before the end of the year.

This was a great idea and a lot of Github users embraced the cause and started contributing with the ISP’s they knew would make it to the list. But this implementation was slightly limited and once I came across the project (through a Facebook group of developers I’m part of), I suggested that they should create a website, possibly using Github Pages, a free static site solution provided by github itself. At this point there was also talk of a logo creation and some other assets to make it easier to publicise this list and inform people of how they could get unlimited internet in their state or town. So after some discussions and a some designs being provided I started developing repo.

Since this is a voluntary project which different people are likely to contribute I decided to use something easy and that would be quick to get up and running. So I picked Zurb’s Foundation 6 for Sites, a static site generation that integrates Foundation’s awesome SASS and JS framework.

The website is meant to be a simple single page application that serves as a front-end interface for users to quickly access to the list of providers currently stored within the project’s public API. It has a few nice features like an SVG map of Brazil with each state being clickable, displaying the providers offering unlimited data for each state as the user navigates through them.

The deploying of the website is done using a BASH script available here, and the code is openly available in the Github repo mentioned above.

You can check the live version at, and open issues with suggestions, bugs or enhancements in the repository page. There are plans to expand the current website and add extra functionality, if you’d like to practice some front-end coding, join us on Github.

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