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You may or may not be aware that online gaming legislation was recently passed in Jersey, Channel Islands. There has been considerable excitement in business circles locally because Offshore Egaming as an industry fits very well with Jersey’s increasing demands for a diversified economy.

The Jersey Gambling Commission has been formed and Jersey is actively looking for customers to move their operations to the Island. Initial prospects look good, a delegation of ministers, government officials and businessmen visited Israel (an active Egaming technology centre) in April of this year. We went along and some of the big gaming operators were very interested in what the Island has to offer.

Offshore Egaming is not new, Guernsey, through the Alderney Gambling Control Commission have been very successful over the past 10 years in attracting significant online gaming businesses, along with Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta, and Cyprus. There is no reason why Jersey cannot do as well, if not better, particularly as many of the other offshore jurisdictions have shortcomings that Jersey could turn to its advantage. Although the Commission has been formed and the legislation is now in place a few hurdles still lie in the way as far as gaining access to the UK for our potential customers, but there is plenty of scope across the rest of the world whilst access to the UK market is being sorted.

As far as getting the gaming industry in Jersey moving, it just takes one “high roller” to move their operations here and others will follow.  And there is plenty to entice; we are already one of the world’s most reputable offshore financial jurisdictions, in a favourable time zone for doing business, boasting an enviable technical and support services infrastructure.  Jersey is also a wonderful place to live. So as part of the Islands’ plan for business diversification Egaming offers Jersey pretty good odds!

But how does all this affect E-scape? Well as a digital services agency we offer a host of services that fit the needs of online businesses, such as digital marketing, web design and development, usability and mobile development. You can be sure that we are putting considerable effort into networking with gaming companies, learning how they operate and just what their needs are. We’ve taken steps to restructure our business to fulfill those needs in a high quality way. It’s a gamble, but one that will hopefully result in a payout!

One other but highly important string to E-scape’s bow is our history of game development. We’ve had a 10 year relationship with Camelot, the agent’s for the National Lottery in the UK, building online scratch-card and instant win style games for the National Lottery website. This experience gives us a clear understanding of player behaviour and we are expert in delivering game concepts that encourage repeat play through high levels of engagement and a positive player experience, whether they win or lose.

Though niche our games work for Egaming operators in a number of positive ways by delivering increased and additional income streams; they provide light relief for hard-core players and are great vehicles for introducing new players to the online gambling theatre in a soft way by encouraging high levels of trust in the brand.

Through this expertise we are actively engaged in developing relationships with just the type of company’s Jersey’s new Egaming legislation is designed to attract.

Watch this space. With some good planning and little bit of luck we should see both E-scape and Jersey being dealt a winning hand very soon! To find out more about Egaming contact us at


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