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I make no apologies for talking about one of my favourite 'inventions' of recent years - what3words - as I think it is brilliant!

My desk currently sits in a three metre by three metre square called jaws.evenings.liked - three random words that will mean nothing to nearly everyone. But when you put them into the map on, it will show the location of where I currently sit.

Big deal, I hear you say, but take it outside of a well-constructed office environment and put that concept in the wilds and wilderness, where there are no recognisable landmarks and your GPS isn't quite accurate enough. The possibilities are endless and they should be praised for such a clever idea that they have brought to fruition. Whether it's asset management, emergency responders, accurate addressing or the tourism industry, the accuracy of this product opens so many doors.

For tourists and travellers, local knowledge can turn a good trip into an amazing journey of discovery. Whether a holidaymaker, a travel host or a tourism business, Pearlshare (who have partnered with what3words) lets individuals create bespoke travel guides. Users can save the location of “Pearls” in the area and then share their guide with guests or friends. They are just one of many partners who can see what a difference three words can make!

Have a good look at their site - it'll open your eyes.

If you're planning a new digital project and would like to find out how we can help, please get in touch. We might even use what3words!

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