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Undergraduate marketing degrees now include a digital syllabus but it’s not enough if you’re thinking about working in the digital industry. This sector is competitive, everyone who’s not doing it wants to do it, and if you’re doing it, you want to be the best! Having been in the process of hiring our talented team at Quadra, here are some of the digital marketing skills we look for to help you land that agency job. 


It’s the numbers and science behind digital marketing success. There are two parts to understanding analytics, 1. Data collection and 2. Analysis. There are many resources and tools available online to help you understand what data can be collected and how to implement tracking.

You can expand your technical knowledge before applying for digital jobs, getting to know JavaScript is a great idea, or taking the Google Analytics course that we recommend. Technical knowledge is important but mainly we look for someone with an analytical mind.

As an agency, we don’t just produce reports; we say “what does it mean?” and “what should we do next?” We’re the annoying kids asking questions, probing for the answer. To be analytical we can’t just collect data, we have to use it to figure out what to do next.


So, you’ve read my blog and understand keywords, on-page optimisation and links. That’s a great start but as the digital industry grows, so does the competition. Changes in the school syllabus means 8 year olds across the country are now learning to code mobile apps. In a couple years you’re not going to stand out from the crowd so try to get some experience now!

Online SEO courses are vastly available, everyone is offering courses. I recommend SEO Moz, DistilledU and Coursera for courses that get you into the nitty gritty of SEO. You will be surprised by how technical it is. These don’t take a long time so if you have no plans over a weekend take the opportunity to do some extra learning. They don’t teach this stuff at school yet and it looks great on your CV.


Digital marketing and web development are skills which can be developed through self-learning. We have developers and digital marketers that are self-taught using the incredible amount of resources available online and a little determination.

The Google Adwords Fundamentals exam is the foundation of digital marketing. You will learn and understand goal setting and take your first step into strategy. It gets you thinking about conversions and what to do to optimise campaigns and ultimately improve conversions. This is a free course and I highly recommend it.

Project management

You don’t need to be qualified in Prince2 or a black belt in LEAN but showing you can follow processes and organise your own time is important, it may be the hidden gem in your skills set. In an agency environment we use tools to help us manage our projects and if you’re lucky like my colleagues you have me to manage your resourcing and discuss what you should be working on and when.

If you’re not in an account management role you should demonstrate your ability to communicate, prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and follow processes such as logging time. If you fancy an account or project management role because it sounds easy, believe me it’s not! These jobs are essential to an agency’s success and you’ll need patience, a positive attitude and some serious organisation skills to succeed.


In digital, this can be hard to achieve especially when you’re more left-brain than right brain. If you can tap into your right brain – DO IT! Regardless of your role in an agency, collaboration is the key to success and the best campaigns are always creative and original.
Some agencies will have a creative director to take the lead but if not, try surprising your manager with your whacky ideas!

Team player

As a basketball player I see so much similarity to how my basketball team work together and how our team at Quadra works. Both require communication; in basketball, we communicate during offense and work together by passing the ball around, running plays (tactics) to score a basket. At work, we communicate by providing updates and asking for help. If we do not communicate we run the risk of missing deadlines because the project team don’t know what’s going on. As well as good communication you need to work as a team, taking equal responsibility to make sure it succeeds. Remember, “there is no I in team!”


Your impressive CV may get you through the door but it’s not all about what looks good on paper. Your personality is just as important when it comes to hiring a new team member.

Employing someone is like finding your love match; you’ve got to ask whether this person will fit well with the team, both professionally and socially. To test your personality, we conduct a Myers-Briggs test which gives us an idea if you’re an extravert, introvert, logical, emotional etc. There is no right or wrong answer to the test but we like to keep a good balance.

Of course, I could continue to list skills like social media knowledge, content copywriting skills, coding ability, a flair for email or affiliate marketing and more but I think you get the picture. Whatever it is that you’re good at, teach yourself to gain extra knowledge and you’ll impress.

We’re always looking for talented individuals, if you’re interested in joining us check our jobs page for current vacancies or take a chance and contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!


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