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Having a high level of customer engagement with your brand has always been a fundamental aspect of creating lasting traction with clients. Positive customer engagement relates to the level of resonance a brand provides to a customer. Simply put; a brand that resonates with consumers speaks to their shared truths and adds value to their lives.

Adding value is essential.  Leading brand strategist and author of “The Brand Gap”, Marty Neumeier, notes that “its not what you say about your brand, but rather what they (the customer) say” that defines your brand. If your brand does not add value, what will customers say about you? Why do customers have to grant you any time or attention? Why do you matter? 

Traditionally the approach to advertising and promotion was to press (almost force) a particular message or promise on to clients, hopefully setting you apart from the competition. This approach simply is not relevant anymore in a hyper-stimulated market. Client retention has changed. With an ever-more digital environment, customers expect to interact with brands when they choose to grant an opportunity. Gareth Kay, Chief Strategy Officer at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, mentions that it is imperative for modern brands to “be interested in what people are interested in… to compete for their attention on their terms, not on yours.” With a plethora of brands competing for client attention, shouting will only blur your offer and message. You have to connect with customers on a personal level.

How does this relate to online brand engagement?

Before launching a campaign to guide prospective clients to your website or social media channels, ask yourself: what is the reward they will receive when they get there? Being visible online is one thing, but presenting something that matters, resonates and adds value to the lives of customers should be your reason for being online and existing as a brand. Define your messaging and test its relevance before spending money online. 

Brand engagement online is possible through smart digital strategy and making sure you matter to customers.

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