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quadra blog building a silverstripe website for temple fitness gym

Temple Fitness is a gym, which currently offers multiple activities from Muay Thai (Thai boxing), through to Zumba and Yoga. When I signed up they were looking to create an online presence and build a SilverStripe Website for the gym. Being passionate about both web development and Muay Thai I offered to help as I had some ideas beyond just a typical website. 


I chose SilverStripe as the CMS and framework for the website and began building. I built the website with expansion in mind and created a system which will let you add new activities such as Muay Thai and Yoga within the CMS. This allows the website to adapt if new activities are set up in Temple Fitness. 

Within the CMS, once you create an activity you have the ability to add associated classes too. Each class will have a class name, type, required ability, date, and time as well as notes about that particular class. The ‘type’ of class is also dynamic and different class types, unique to the activity can be created. For example, a Muay Thai class might have a ‘Strength and Conditioning’ class. Once the class type is created, it can be re-used for multiple classes. The ability of the class is defined as ‘Beginner’, ‘Mixed’ or ‘Advanced’ so the students are aware.

The Features

The front-end of the website features:

  • an overview of activities available at the gym,
  • an overview of the classes for each activity,
  • an overview of the instructors at the gym and a contact page. 

The website is currently in early development but is soon to have a lot more features. At the present, Temple Fitness use an app called ‘gym sync’ to list classes and monitor attendance so they can keep track of available spaces in a class and keep the students informed about a class. This functionality is going to be added to the website instead, giving the student the ability to sign up to a class, see information such as availability for a class, add themselves to the ‘queue’ for the class where they will receive an e-mail if a free slot is opened and also get their online ticket for the class e-mailed to them. 

All members who sign up to the website will get access to a dashboard overview where they can view important information and notifications such as any changes in classes they are attending (e.g. time change or cancellation), if any slots have become free for a class they are in the queue for, and students will have the ability to add information about the progression of their fitness to keep them on track. Instructors will also have a dashboard but their dashboard will be specific for tracking the progress of their students.

If you would like to discuss what features you can have on your website, please get in touch

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