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Behind box number 6 is... Sure! 

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It has been a busy couple of years for Sure; they acquired Batelco Group in 2013, Foreshore in 2014 and have seen massive growth this year. To ensure the number of islanders choosing Sure continued to rise during 2015 they set out to improve their customer experience both online and offline. 

Sure opened a new King Street store this year and as a long-standing client of ours, we recommended their website also receive some TLC. (Find out more about our involvement with the store later in the year)! 

We wanted to ensure that the website was tablet and mobile friendly as Sure planned to utilise as much technology as possible to streamline their customer service and give customers the chance to visit their website while browsing in store. 

Sure’s main aims were to increase the number of returning visitors to the site, especially visits from Isle of Man and Jersey and see more users accessing the site on mobile and tablet devices.

As a cost effective solution, we re-skinned Sure’s old website to give them a mobile-friendly site with a clean, modern design. Improved usability was a priority for us so we crafted engaging new ways for customers to compare products. This included a drag and drop functionality and a data calculator to help users make informed purchasing decisions.

To improve the general look and feel of the website we wanted to strip it back to basics, removing any unnecessary clutter and minimising the amount of colour on the site. We wanted to make the most of Sure’s bold branding and incorporated their recognisable yellow colour as much as possible. We also changed their call to action buttons to rectangles, giving the site a more cohesive look throughout.

Since the launch of their website, Sure have achieved their aims of an increase in returning visitors and visits from mobile and tablet devices. Before launch views were 75% from desktop, 20% from mobile and 5% from tablet devices. Now mobile and tablet devices account for 50% of traffic and both the duration of sessions and number of pages visited during sessions have increased. The number of returning visitors to the site has also grown from 50% in 2014 to 69% this year. 

Find out more about our web design services in Jersey or get in touch to see how we can improve your online presence.  



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