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Under box number 6 of our Quadra Calendar was Sure, one of our largest clients here in Jersey. As we mentioned in our blog post, Sure have had an extremely busy year, they opened up their new King Street store and refurbished their Guernsey and Isle of Man stores too.  

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As part of their store refurbishments Sure wanted to fit interactive screens and digital signage to better engage and service their customers. The screens also gave them the ability to self-serve. Our team focus on online marketing but we are open to interesting projects such as this that incorporate digital technology in offline experiences.

We worked closely with an experienced supplier of screens (touch based applications) and (digital) signage, using a customised version of their existing software to populate the screens with content and data from Sure’s website.

Sure requested that the process of updating the content of the interactive screens be kept simple and avoid duplication where possible. With this in mind, we set about using Sure’s website CMS as a centralised point to supply content to the screens.

Using the CMS meant Sure employees could post content, update displays and manage product listings easily. Having one interface for their website and store also prevents duplicates and saves their team plenty of time when updating the screens.

Next, we created an API which published this data, formatted in XML to the software, allowing the content to be shared on the interactive screens and successfully emulating the experience on Sure’s website. The project was a success, Sure opened a fantastic retail space that pushes boundaries and collaboratively we created a homogenous experience for customers across all interfaces. 

Do you want to incorporate digital technology into your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you achieve an improved experience for your customers!



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