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Every work environment has its own culture, but one thing that agencies tend to have in common is the variety of their projects and clients. At Quadra, we’ve developed an energetic, fun environment and our team thrive on the creative chaos that comes with being a busy agency. One of our more unique clients is Clasado BioSciences who develop products to improve digestive system health.

We originally worked with Clasado to build their UK website so it was no surprise when they contacted us to assist them with their latest endeavour to the Far East. They approached us to create a Chinese version of their site to better communicate to a growing world market.

Using SilverStripe we created a site that supported Chinese content but had an English CMS interface, making it easy for the English-speaking Clasado team to use. This CMS allowed Clasado to upload translated pages and change their images to be more relevant to their new audience. We also improved the site’s usability with UX alterations specifically for a Chinese audience, including the navigation and icons.

The project was a fantastic learning experience for everyone involved and enabled us to work closely with our SEO partners in China. Our digital analyst optimised the sitemap for Chinese search engines, installed Google Analytics and configured Webmaster Tools to ensure it had maximum visibility in search. We also connected the two sites so users could easily navigate between the English and Chinese versions.

Despite being a fantastic experience for our team, there were plenty of challenges during this project. We had to advise on secure local hosting solutions in China or Hong Kong, include Chinese browsers during testing and be mindful of cultural differences when translating content. Improving Clasado’s SEO for Baidu and other local search engines was vital, as well as ensuring the site’s icons and navigations suited their new audience.

It’s projects such as these that we’re thankful for here at Quadra HQ, they keep us on our toes and allow our talented team to learn new skills and provide a better service to our clients. Whether you’re local or from further afield we offer leading Development, Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services in Jersey – get in touch to find out how we can optimise your business.


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